Stay Away from Vitamin Water

Just because you can buy it at Whole Foods and it has a name that sounds healthy, Vitamin Water may be one of the most unhealthy beverages on the face of this earth.

Here is my argument: 33 grams of sugar in a bottle. Is this really necessary? If I am not mistaken, we need sugar to live but that much sugar will probably cause major health problems including cardiovascular and liver.

The bad kind of sugar. We’ve all been …

Tiramisu recipe

For the Tiramisu Layer Cake you will need a single 9” round cake layer, chocolate or vanilla, split in half horizontally.  I used our All Natural Golden Vanilla Cake mix. Just freeze the second layer for another day or double the filling and give one to someone who needs a pick-me-up.

To make the coffee syrup, add to a  small saucepan:

½ cup water

2 teaspoons espresso powder

¼ cup sugar

Stir over medium heat until the sugar is fully …

Simple steps you can take to protect your gums if you are wearing braces

There are simple steps you can take to protect your gums, the braces which are straightening your teeth and the overall health of your mouth.

Step One: Do not chew on anything that might get lodged in between your braces and gums and irritate them to the point of swelling. This can happen if you chew on nuts, popcorn or chips. Choosing to avoid these foods can save you a great deal of trouble.

Step Two: Be very careful about …

Taking Care of a Drunk Person

Many people die as a result of alcohol poisoning because of the common assumption that passing out, vomiting, and being really drunk will be slept off, resulting in a simple hangover next morning. Unfortunately, thinking this could endanger an inebriated person’s life.

When people at a party near you gets so drunk that they can’t take care of themselves, they’re at risk of harming themselves, and if they’ve drunk too much altogether, they may even have alcohol poisoning and need …

Sony HDR-MV1 Video Recorder is For DIY Music Videos

Devices are getting really specific these days. Now, Sony is unveiling a brand new camcorder made just for people who want to make their own music videos and share them instantly. Better brush up on your guitar.

What sets the Sony HDR-MV1 apart is its audio. Usually, audio on camcorders is the weak link, making them less than ideal for capturing musical performances. Not so with the HDR-MV1, which records in uncompressed Linear PCM or AAC formats. It has a …

Natural Skin Tightening Oils

Skin tightening oils are also considered to have properties to provide you with younger looking skin. These type of oils contain natural composition that acts as antioxidant. They heal and nourish your skin in a natural way. They have the best moisturizing effects compared to some common ingredients available in the market, but you might wonder why skin tightening oils are not so commonly used as an active ingredient for skin care.

One main reason why essential oils cannot be …

Monocle Speakers from Native Union

Despite all appearances, the Monocle, from Native Union, is actually a portable speaker. The speaker is in the guise of one half of a pair of headphones, along with a long cord that you would normally find on a pair of headphones. That’s for flexibility, so you can wear it around your neck, or keep it on your backpack while your music player is tucked inside, or swing it around like a mace. The long cords also make it possible …

Roasted Curried Cauliflower Recipe

For some reason roasting cauliflower completely transforms it from a vegetable people are pretty sure they don’t like into something they just can’t get enough of. The coolest part of all is that anyone can make this. I like to add curry powder to mine, but you can play around with whatever spices you like, or just make it plain. The trick is to use a very hot oven, around 450-500 degrees. Covering the cauliflower for the first 15 minutes …

Nail Art Designs 2013

This is what the runway and celebrities are all wearing this year.

Nail art design: Fall leaves


Nail art design: Autumn leaves


Colorful and elegant nail art designs


An easy tutorial on how to draw Bugs Bunny

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to draw the rabbit himself.


Sketch a circle and an oval for Bugs Bunny’s head.

Sketch a circle and an oval for Bugs Bunny’s head. Draw two long and pointy ovals above the head for the ears, and another set inside each ear.…

You might also want to cock one of the ears slightly, so it looks like Bugs is listening in on a conversation, or droop them down if you want him

Acupuncture’s effectiveness as a painkiller

Scientists have taken another important step toward understanding how acupuncture — the ancient Chinese form of needle therapy — actually eases pain. The technique has been used as a medical treatment for thousands of years, but Western medicine has been slow to adopt the practice, in part because no one could explain how it worked.

One theory was that sticking needles into certain points on the body stimulated the central nervous system to release natural pain-killing endorphins in the brain. …

High-performance white LED cold-light source for endoscopy

Berliner Glas Medical Applications Business Unit provides OEM manufacturers of medical devices with a new, custom tailored LED Light Source.

With a color temperature of ~ 6000 degrees Kelvin and a light output of up to 900 lumens at the coupling spot to the optical fiber, it provides a bright and highly competitive solution to providers of endoscopic surgical facilities. Through the simple and cost effective construction with only one LED, the compact system can be integrated into racks. The …