Black Labrador Adopts Rejected Bengal Tiger

AN ADORABLE tiger cub has successfully been adopted by a maternal Labrador – who even lets the cub suckle after it was abandoned by its mother.

Keepers were forced to search for a surrogate mother for the tiger cub after the two-month-old was rejected by its biological mother at a zoo in Indore, India.

The small cub, a cross between a white tiger and a Bengal tiger, was seriously injured by its own mother – who also killed two of its siblings.Zookeepers immediately rushed to separate the young female from her abusive mother. But with the frail cub only days old, it desperately needed nourishment in order to survive.Luckily, Genie – a mothering black Labrador – immediately took a liking to the lost cub and adopted her alongside her own puppies.


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